Hello Suzanne

When I got Luther 3 years ago, everyone avoided us due to his extreme reactive behaviour with other dogs. no kennel or boarding facilities would consider us.

Finding you was a godsend! You were supportive and positive and found some places I was able to board my huge anxieties.

When I collected Luther from Kath and Paul, I realised how far we had come. It was obvious how fond of them both he was and how happy and relaxed he felt in their home.

Although he is now a different dog he still has some issues. Kath and Paul take these totally in their stride and are wonderful, competent and affectionate carers.

I want to say a massive thank you to you and to Kath and Paul for taking us on and giving both Luther and confidence and the help we looked for.


Facebook is Suzanne Augood - Perfect4Pooches Home Boarding For Dogs

Dear Suzanne,

Once again we are so glad we contacted Perfect 4 Pooches! Thank you for all you do to make this work so well; we know you must work incredibly hard.

We are so glad Poppy and Polo were able to go to Frances. There were two obviously happy dogs waiting for us on Wednesday morning!!

She is lovely!

Thanks again and best wishes,

Margaret Amis

That's great! Thanks for an excellent and very professional service x

Lesley Winston



Just to say met Ann this as arranged. We found her to be a lovely lady and very look after Nipper over the Christmas period. I must say that judging by the host families you have so far placed Nipper with, your vetting and selection procedures are excellent.

Barry Thornton